A Dartmoor Farmer, his Daughters and his Diary

Jacqueline Sarsby

‘A Dartmoor Farmer, His Daughters and His Diary’ is the story of a Dartmoor farmer, his family and their community on the edge of the moor from 1910 – 1950. It reveals the forgotten workforce of farmers’ daughters on Devon farms, the importance of early farm tourism in difficult times, and the divided communities of church and chapel in a single parish. Based on William Dunning’s diaries from 1910 to 1950 and public and private documents, the book also makes use of taped interviews with his friends and family, recorded chiefly in the 1980s and ‘90s, to discover the last decades of a vanishing world.


FORMAT: Paperback     SIZE: 240 x 170mm        EXTENT 336 pages

The Rotherfold Press, 9 Woodstock Terrace, Uley, Dursley, Glos, GL11 5SW.

tel: 01453 860363

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These are photographs from Sweetstone, Life on a Devon Farm, published by Green Books in 2004.

Mrs Rowdon and Phyllis







John and Wilfred








Washing the butter lump








 I also wrote Romantic Love and Society published by Penguin in 1983, A Cycle of Deprivation (with Frank Coffield and Paul Robinson) published by Heinemann Educational in 1987 and Missuses and Mouldrunners, about the lives of women pottery-workers, published by Open University Press in 1988.