I am very interested in writing about and photographing crafts and skills.  These photographs appeared in a feature on salmon trap-makers on the River Severn.

I photograph in black and white or colour, and write and photograph features for magazines. I am particularly interested in people who exercise skills and crafts, from hop-growing in Kent and violet-growing in Cornwall to basket-making, weaving and puppetry. I lecture about the arts and crafts movement in the Cotswolds, and at present am writing about Alfred and Louise Powell, William and Eve Simmonds, Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher, who were “Artists and Friends in Gloucestershire.” I am also guest curating an exhibition at the City Museum in Gloucester, which will show William Simmonds’s beautiful puppets, his paintings and his friendships in Gloucestershire. It opens on 12th October 2019 and closes on 18th April 2020.